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10. Hey! Music Lover

People think they can fox Google and engineer a better search engine ranking by doing something as simple as making a change to their home page. Don't be so silly. Do you really think that a company (Google) that's making cars driverless is so dumb that it is incapable of telling a spectacular website from a lame one? Let me show you what artificial intelligence (AI) looks like as it's presently smashing-through your everyday life.…

Steve Whiting - 13th December 2018

9. Passive Aggressive

Is your website an effective online digital salesperson for your business? Most businesses would probably argue that theirs is, yet all it would take is a quick look at the website's conversion rate to either confirm or reject this notion.…

Steve Whiting - 1st May 2018

8. The Cupertino Shuffle

Listening to a six year old podcast this morning I was thrilled to learn an anecdote that proves the validity of a thought experiment I wrote about in The Art of Search®.…

Steve Whiting - 28th July 2017

7. Love Thy Neighbour

It's possible to think of a fellow human as neighbour even if they do not live in a house that's adjacent to yours or in the same street. The same thinking is also applicable to Customers.…

Steve Whiting - 18th January 2017

6. Toots, Roots & Boots - Part One

It's Friday night. I jumped into my car to drive home this evening. I started the engine then said: 'Hey Siri, play me something funky'; what I heard was a story about search engine optimisation.…

Steve Whiting - 14th January 2017

5. The Queen, Google, SEO & Your Website

Today, her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II reaches 90 years of age and something very special just happened to her website. Discover what 'the website search' is and how Queen Elizabeth II can help you to teach CEOs about SEO and strategy.…

Steve Whiting - 21st April 2016

4. The Link Is Mightier Than The Title

Traditional SEO wisdom has it that the title tag of an HTML page is of paramount importance and I'm not about to disagree. However, a recent observation of the Google search engine results page illustrates why the title tag may not be as important as the anchor text inside the common or garden HTML hyperlink.…

Steve Whiting - 16th March 2016

3. The 3 Cardinal Sins of SEO

The Art of Search® is a new and powerfully illustrated book about SEO and the management strategy behind a #1 rank. The far-sighted book presents a heavyweight SEO management strategy based upon ancient wisdom, from which can be distilled the 3 cardinal sins of SEO.…

Steve Whiting - 9th February 2016

2. Keywords and Sausage Rolls

So - you think keywords are only about Search and vice versa? Sorry to burst your bubble but a visit to a Luton street bar last week illustrated just how keywords are powerful linguistic shortcuts to cognitive thought.…

Steve Whiting - 1st February 2016

1. Round Table Discussion

Today, at the Digital Citizen Summit in Bournemouth, delegates will tackle the topic of communicating with the public through social media. Maybe social media's not the answer - maybe institutions just need a killer website?…

Steve Whiting - 23rd January 2016

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