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The Search Commander

In business the responsibility for a website generally falls to IT or marketing, but when a website becomes subsumed into a large department it typically becomes just another project competing for time and resources and subject to departmental politics. Marketing may control the look and feel of the website and IT may control the technical infrastructure, but nobody controls the Customer.

The Art of Search argues for the creation of a new role in organisational management, that of Search Commander. The responsibility of identifying, extracting and delivering relevant website content needs to be assigned to a Search Commander - one who seeks not to own the Customer but merely to talk their language and use it as a positive change agent in business.

The Search CommanderThe Search Commander is a free radical inside your business, empowered with the sovereign brief of the MD/CEO. They possess the native ability to understand and articulate the commercial proposition, along with the charisma and vision to drive your website and business upwards and outwards.

Appointing and empowering a Search Commander is the key strategic recommendation that The Art of Search has to make. Likening this individual to the general of an army, it becomes clear that this position requires a direct line of report to the MD/CEO of the company, but to reassure fellow Directors, Company Officers and Vice Presidents ascending the corporate hierarchy (the company organisational chart), this doesn't necessarily mean the Search Commander is second-in-command. Organisationally, it's perhaps better to consider the Search Commander's direct line of report very much in the same way that you'd regard a PA or an aide - the Search Commander works at the right-hand of the MD/CEO and, critically, must work outside the existing corporate structure in order to freely move throughout the organisation to achieve the business objectives set for the website.

1:2It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected.Sun Tzu, Author, The Art of War

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