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The Website As A Business Exoskeleton

This book sets out to wrestle control of the SEO back to where it belongs and to where the buck stops, by arguing and illustrating that SEO is a strategic management issue and not one for the boffins.

If a website is genuinely designed as an exoskeleton of the organisation it represents, then as the website pushes forward over new ground the business inside cannot help but grow too. The speed at which such an exoskeleton may grow is defined by the agility of the business minds within, and an organisation that is truly Search-led will have its Customers seated virtually around the boardroom table.

This is not an instantaneous switch, but a committed programme of closely monitoring the marketplace and learning to trust your Customer. This is not merely defence of the realm, this is empire building.

The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.Winston Churchill
Technical 'stuff' can only get you so high for so long in the search engine rankings; getting higher, staying high and, more importantly, converting click-throughs into business, requires a strategy.

Considering this, why do organisations insist that websites are 'owned' by their marketing function? A website exists neither for the hour-filling whimsies of the marketing department nor the benefit of the organisation it represents. The website exists only for your Customer and no-one else. Construct your website as a business exoskeleton and not as an internal organisation chart.

Marketing is just one division within your organisation just as artillery is just one division in an army; no one division leads an army because that's the role of the commander-in-chief.

For the very first time, The Art of Search creates the link between warfare and SEO. Just as a wise and insightful general leads an army by executing strategic decisions when commanding troops, a website must be similarly led to fight its way to the search engine summit, remain visible and fend off any attack by a competing website.

The battleground of Search offers your business the opportunity to establish and advance into this new and necessary role of Search Commander.

Once in the field of battle the Search Commander's deployment of market intelligence will bring you and your business closer to the Customer. Really close. So close, in fact, that you will be able to hear what they're thinking before they've even said it.

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