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Writing style

All too often SEO books treat SEO as a standalone subject - requiring the reader to spend their time getting hung-up on Google's algorithms, website code, tactical link-building and content marketing. Very few, it would appear, consider the business that the website exists to promote.

The Art of Search is written in plain business English for MDs, CEOs and strategic business thinkers - the book's message is simple: Search is strategic, not tactical and not technical.

Reassuringly then, this SEO management strategy book is written from the perspective of the business owner, not the website developer. Far from being dry and technical the book is infused with anecdotes and comparisons to reframe the topic in order to help business leaders 'get' SEO and lead their businesses online.

The reframing of SEO

The soul of the book lies in the Author's writing style and may be found in the little things, its quirky metaphors, its thought experiments, its reframing of Search outside of SEO and its complete commitment to being a business book that allows the reader to get inside the author's head and experiment.

Yet when likening keywords in SEO to tactical weapons in warfare, we see that, just as weapons alone do not define an army's strength and success, keywords alone cannot strengthen your website and guarantee SEO success. A successful fighting force will have a wide variety of weaponry at the disposal of armed, highly trained and motivated troops, unified by a common higher purpose, lead by a general able to move the divisions into winning positions and ensure the lines of supply.
Warfare is not all about weaponry just as SEO is not all about keywords.
Excerpt From: The Art of Search - Steve Whiting