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Passive Aggressive

Is your website an effective online digital salesperson for your business? Most businesses would probably argue that theirs is, yet all it would take is a quick look at the website's conversion rate to either confirm or reject this notion.

This morning I was catching-up with a client of ours. We spoke about some of the things we'd done in the past week and I shared a story about a meeting I'd had yesterday; one in which I'd suggested that the budget for developing and running a website should be at least equivalent to that of the annual salary of a regular salesperson.

Our client was strong in their belief that a website could not replace a salesperson because any website is passive.

No. A bad website is passive. A hit website is aggressive.

"A website can't pick-up the phone"

Our difference of opinion centred upon the point that a website can't replace a salesperson because a website can't pick-up the phone and put a sales call in to a potential buyer. Therefore, a website, in the eyes of our client, is passive because it sits and waits for a potential buyer to use it. I can't help but agree with this but I don't see this as being passive. At the risk of portraying a pedant I think this is an important distinction to make.


The Art of Search® is an SEO management strategy that I wrote and published based upon the ancient writings of the Chinese military commander Sun Tzu. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that I choose to dwell on the semantics of a word such as "passive".

One meaningful dictionary definition of passive is 'lacking in energy or will'. The Art of Search puts a considerable amount of effort into exploring how a website builds energy in order to create a superabundance of strength - a context in which a website cannot be passive and so has to be regarded as aggressive. Definitions of aggression include: 'deliberately unfriendly behaviour'; 'the act of initiating hostilities'; 'violent action that is hostile and usually unprovoked' and; 'a feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attack'.

Yes. To me, this feels like The Art of Search.

Passive Aggressive

You're right in thinking that a website is passive but, if you do, you're never going to sell anything close to your potential.

A website can* replace a salesperson. A website can* put itself on the front-line. A website isn't passive, a website is dynamic and, when driven by a ruthless Search Commander, all-conquering. A website is never going to be able to make a sales call but it won't ever need to because a hit website becomes immediately available to your Customers at the very moment they begin to think about buying the things you can offer them.

Dynamic websites

Not only is your website dynamic but, in reality, it doesn't actually exist.

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