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The Art of Search - SEO Blog

14. It's Only Words

There are just three areas of influence available to a Search Commander effecting change to a website through SEO: content, links and traffic. Change just one of these enough and you'll notice a change in your website's rank. However, these tactics are not weighted evenly and none of the SEO tactics may be regarded as quick and easy wins. This post surfaces the experience of a Customer whose website design vision didn't include too many words.…

Steve Whiting - 12th May 2020

13. You Are Not Alone

A key message of The Art of Search is to listen to the voice of the Customer. I want to share with you the text of some DMs between me and a person who tweeted with request for a little SEO help. The framing of their question was a joy to read because their SEO questions succinctly mirrored the mental process that I routinely hear people (maybe you too?) put themselves through as they start-out getting to grips with SEO. So, in this blog, I take a sip of my own medicine and listen carefully to the voice inside their head.…

Steve Whiting - 3rd April 2020

12. You May Be On Lockdown But Your Website Isn't

Before the time of The Buddha, before what we now know as the Bible or the Quran were written or translated - one man laid down the definitive text upon how to wage warfare. That advice has now been translated from the theatre of war to the theatre of business and, during this time of lockdown, you need to know that every business owns a fighter. You need to know that you can push your website to go where you cannot - beyond the front door, beyond the frontline of your business and out into the minds of your Customers.…

Steve Whiting - 31st March 2020

11. This Is What It's All About

Imagine, for just one minute, that you are Googlebot. Your task is to crawl a webpage, to understand what it is all about, to appraise it, to see how well it is connected and, ultimately, to rank it against others. Think you can do it? Great! Got for it!…

Steve Whiting - 8th July 2019

10. Hey! Music Lover

People think they can fox Google and engineer a better search engine ranking by doing something as simple as making a change to their home page. Don't be so silly. Do you really think that a company (Google) that's making cars driverless is so dumb that it is incapable of telling a spectacular website from a lame one? Let me show you what artificial intelligence (AI) looks like as it's presently smashing-through your everyday life.…

Steve Whiting - 13th December 2018

9. Passive Aggressive

Is your website an effective online digital salesperson for your business? Most businesses would probably argue that theirs is, yet all it would take is a quick look at the website's conversion rate to either confirm or reject this notion.…

Steve Whiting - 1st May 2018

8. The Cupertino Shuffle

Listening to a six year old podcast this morning I was thrilled to learn an anecdote that proves the validity of a thought experiment I wrote about in The Art of Search®.…

Steve Whiting - 28th July 2017

7. Love Thy Neighbour

It's possible to think of a fellow human as neighbour even if they do not live in a house that's adjacent to yours or in the same street. The same thinking is also applicable to Customers.…

Steve Whiting - 18th January 2017

6. Toots, Roots & Boots - Part One

It's Friday night. I jumped into my car to drive home this evening. I started the engine then said: 'Hey Siri, play me something funky'; what I heard was a story about search engine optimisation.…

Steve Whiting - 14th January 2017

5. The Queen, Google, SEO & Your Website

Today, her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II reaches 90 years of age and something very special just happened to her website. Discover what 'the website search' is and how Queen Elizabeth II can help you to teach CEOs about SEO and strategy.…

Steve Whiting - 21st April 2016

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